What is I-BUS?

I-BUS is the independent development of bus and coach products based on the Isuzu cab chassis.

Who are Isuzu?

Isuzu is the market leader in the truck industry, has ranked first for over thirty consecutive years, and boasts the largest dealer network in Australia.

Why Isuzu?

The Japanese built Isuzu front engine produces exceptional power and torque to form the perfect base for the I-BUS.

Who builds I-BUS?

Quality Bus and Coach manufacture the bus body, providing a modern vehicle that will deliver years of reliable service.

How is I-BUS built?

Our bus bodies are jig built from a combination of galvanised and pressed steel sections, to form an integrated corrosion resistant body.

What about quality?

All I-BUS vehicles are manufactured under ADR specifications. All in-house manufacturing and design is based on ISO9001 standards.