4x4 Motorhome

We can source professional fit-outs through reputed fitout specialists built with cutting edge materials and innovative design for ample storage and space. Our aim is to provide you with the best option for off-road travelling.

I-Bus Motorhomes are built with factory fitted 4WD drive train that are suited to travel anywhere in Australia.


We recommend 3 Series of Fitouts to suit your lifestyle:

Core Series: The Core Series is best suited and designed for smaller vehicles, up to 7 metre vehicles such as the I-Bus 300 Series. This is the entry level package which offers a great starting point in a standard motorhome.

Executive Series: The Executive Series is best suited and designed for mid to larger vehicles such as the I-Bus 450 Series, I-Bus 500 Series and I-Bus 600 Series. This is the mid level package giving you the best value at a reasonable budget but still offers comforts found in a luxury motorhome.

Premium Series: The Premium Series is the top luxury motorhome package. This series is customised to offer you ultimate comfort in a motorhome without breaking the bank. Suited for all vehicles ranging from the I-Bus 300 Series to the I-Bus 1000 Series, this package also comes with optional features to transform your motorhome into a personal statement.

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