We are a company built on values; our values are core to our business, our customers and ourselves. They define what we stand for and what we want to achieve for the future. Our values are a shared platform of what we stand for as a company, they describe our relationships with our customers, our suppliers, the community and amongst us.

At I-Bus Sales Australia, we have 4 core values.


We will always try to do the right thing with our customers even if it takes us a longer time or more resources. We believe honesty is the core platform of customer service.


We are accountable to our products and services. We believe in being held accountable by our customers because this defines us as the company to be trusted.


We are responsible to our customers, suppliers and the community. We believe in being ethical towards our customers, community and the environment.


We will always strive to innovate and develop better technology. We believe if we do not innovate, we will never be able to face challenges for the future.

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